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Read It Again ~ picture book mentoring


Writing for kids is not easy! 

Authors have to keep kids interested and entertain the adult who will be reading to them.
Authors need to write in such a way as to inspire an illustrator they may never meet.
Illustrators need stories that create pictures in their minds.

Award-winning author/illustrator team, Pam Halter and Kim Sponaugle  love picture books and love to help and encourage picture book authors. Our mentoring sessions will break down the picture book process in such a way that participants will leave with either a manuscript that is ready to submit or the tools needed to revise with confidence.

Here’s how it works:

Participants send us a finished picture book manuscript a month before classes start. We both read through and make notes. Then we create sessions around the needs of the group. We do some teaching on the craft, but mostly focus on what each manuscript needs, both in text and illustration ideas. Each participant will have one-on-one time with each of us. That happens twice, as we both give homework to be done, and we want to make sure every participant understands what they’ve learned.

We also build in some fun, depending on how much time we have. Because we’re writing/illustrating for kids, we should take some time to play.

The beauty of these sessions is that each person gets the benefit of having a seasoned author AND illustrator critique their story, teach them, encourage them, and offer marketing advice. This means our mentoring sessions are for intermediate to advanced authors and/or illustrators.

Prerequisite – Participants need to have a finished picture book manuscript (Christian or a story that does not oppose Christian values) under 1,000 words, which need to be sent a month before the mentoring sessions start. They do not have to be published (or self-published). 

Since personal attention is given to each manuscript from both the author and illustrator, the class size is limited.


The Breakdown

We offer one, two, or three day sessions. The class size will depend on how many days you want. We are willing to travel wherever you want us, but keep in mind our travel, housing, and food costs are additional to the class costs.



This class is limited to 3-5 people. The day will be designed around the manuscripts of the attendees. This is a 6-hour class with one morning break, a lunch break, and an afternoon break. It does not include private meetings with Kim or Pam.  NOTE: whoever is hosting us may provide snacks, drinks, and/or lunch. That’s totally up to them. But we build breaks into the class schedule.

The cost is $1,000 (divided between attendees.)


Each day will be 6 hours (with breaks), and individual meetings are included with Kim and Pam.

The two-day class cost is $2,000 (6-7 people).

The three-day class cost is $3,000 (8-10 people).

These mentoring sessions are best done in person, but we can also offer Zoom sessions. Contact Pam at [email protected] if you are interested in scheduling classes.



In our mentoring workshops, you not only get the input from an author/editor, you also get the eye of an illustrator. I have worked with Kim since 1995. She views a story completely different than an author. She sees it through what inspires her to draw, including our word choices and the action of a story. It’s changed the way I write. This makes our workshops unique, fresh, and different from what’s out there now!






I had the privilege of attending the virtual session of the 2021 Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference. Pam Halter and Kim Sponaugle were my mentors in the Picture Books Clinic. During this time, I gained invaluable information on the workings of the picture book industry.  Both Pam and Kim were encouraging and knowledgeable.

Pam gave great feedback on improvements that could be made in my manuscript. It was positive, but still constructively critical, pointing to both the elements that were done well, and the ways my manuscript could be much better.

Kim shared her vision of what pictures would be a good match for my story.  She helped improve my understand of the ins and outs of getting my manuscript illustrated and linked me with resources for finding the right illustrator.

Pam and Kim were great mentors during the picture books clinic and have continued providing feedback, encouragement and resources beyond the end of the conference.  I am truly grateful to have worked with them, and I am confident my writing, and chances of publication are much better because of their input.

Janet Jones


This was the first clinic I participated in, so I was really nervous about the idea of there being only six of us and that the sessions would be planned around our own specific stories.

My fears quickly vanished when I realized the teachers/mentors were so down-to-earth, real and kind.  They were very transparent about their own struggles with publishing. I was immediately at ease around them.  They were able to create a non threatening atmosphere, helping us focus on our stories instead of the ‘jitters’.

We received honest, knowledgeable and encouraging feedback on our stories, and left with a wealth of ideas on how we could improve our work and clarify the messages in those stories.  Especially helpful was getting feedback from both a writer and an illustrator.  Great team!

I am thankful for having been allowed into this clinic, and hope to see more offerings like this specific to children’s writers in future conferences. 

Luz Rios