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As an author, I'm honored to have had my writing published and am looking forward to more projects in print. It's my goal to show God's truths in story form. I work hard to never preach, but to engage and entertain my readers. I'm also learning about myself as I go along.

As an editor, I'm here to help and encourage you. I have been on this writing journey since 1994 and have gleaned a lot along the way. What do you need? If you are a new author and need a fresh pair of eyes, I can read your manuscript and give you notes, examples and encouragement. If you're experienced and need some feedback, I can help strengthen your story. Check out the editing page.

As a parent, I know it's not an easy thing, raising a child with special needs. Many days I feel isolated, tired, frustrated, and sometimes angry. We can encourage each other when the days are heavy and we can rejoice when they are light. If you're the parent of a special needs child and are feeling overwhelmed and need support from someone who understands, please visit my blog.

As an inspirational fantasy novelist, I'm always learning. If you're a Christian who writes fantasy, reads fantasy, or wonders if a Christian should even enjoy fantasy, this is the place to talk about it. I'm looking forward to some great discussion!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have blessed you in some small way today.  

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SECOND BONUS POST for the Children's Book Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, September 15, 2019

If you’re looking for Stop #8 on the Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt, go here:




When Kim & I were deciding what story to do next for Willoughby, we thought about all the fun we have when we’re brainstorming … eating brownies and drinking coffee. And we came up with a fun baking book! In Willoughby and the Lumpy Bumpy Cake, Willoughby has a problem.

Tomorrow is Rosewings’ birthday and every cake Willoughby tries to bake ends up lumpy, bumpy, black and burned. How will he ever surprise his friend? Frustrated, Willoughby tosses the burnt lump of cake out his cave door where it hits someone on the head. Someone BIG. Someone Willoughby never expected to meet. Is Willoughby in more trouble than just not having a cake for Rosewings?

So, of course, we had to have cake for the book release! I baked a vanilla cake with yummy oozing fudge in the center. It was delicious!

To be entered into a drawing for a Willoughby baking bag, let us know your favorite cake!




My favorite cake is my mom’s Red Velvet Cake with Buttercream Icing. She baked it for my birthday every year in heart shaped pans. Because my birthday is Valentine’s Day. And yes, I have the cake pans AND her recipes! I don’t know how her recipe is different from others, but I haven’t tasted a Red Velvet Cake likes hers in all the years I’ve tried.




(This drawing is not part of the final prizes for the Scavenger Hunt – it’s Willoughby’s personal prize and will be closed on 9/15 at midnight EST)

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FIRST BONUS Post for the Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 14, 2019

If you’re looking for Stop #8 on the Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt, go here:



In July 2018, Kim & I were super excited to win a Realm Award in the children’s book category at the Realm Makers Conference for Willoughby and the Terribly Itchy Itch. It was the first time they had a children’s book category.


Because of that award, we had an interview on Family Fiction Magazine. There’s information there about how and why we started Willoughby and Friends.

Here’s the link for the interview:


Willoughby’s best friends are the fairies, Rosewings, Daisywings, and Violetwings. To be entered into a drawing for a fun fairy sticker book, go to the interview and let us know what your favorite part was. And tell us who your BFF is! (This drawing is not part of the final prizes for the Scavenger Hunt – it’s Willoughby’s personal prize and will be closed on 9/15 at midnight EST)




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Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt: Stop #8
Thursday, September 12, 2019

Willoughby is excited to welcome you to the Christian Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt STOP #8! Woo Hoo! If you are just joining us, please begin at  to collect the clues in order, so you’re able to get in the running to win one of three sets of books!

The hunt runs from 9/13 at noon Mountain time until 9/15 at midnight Mountain. This contest is open to international entrants.




Willoughby’s new book is Willoughby Goes A Wee Bit Batty. In this story, Willoughby meets a friend with a special need.


Back Cover Copy:

Willoughby loves looking at his fabulous treasure trove every night before going to bed. One evening, he hears a CRASH outside. A mysterious creature has flown into his back-scratching tree and needs help. What will Willoughby do? Help a new friend or protect his Treasure? 

Willoughby is a young, somewhat clumsy, gentle dragon who is learning to live and interact with friends from the Meadow near his home in the Land of Dern. In this picture book series for ages 4-8, Willoughby learns about friendship, getting along with creatures different from himself, and discovers he can do things he never thought he could.




Willoughby Goes A Wee Bit Batty is different from the first two stories. In Batty, Willoughby meets a bat, Woodside, who has damaged radar, making him “blind” in a sense.

Why did I choose to include a special needs character? Special needs are a normal part of my life. My oldest daughter, Anna, is on the autism spectrum, has extreme mental retardation (she’s 28 years old, but functions at a low 18 months), a blood disorder, and a rare seizure disorder called Lennox Gastaut Sydrome, which is incurable and almost impossible to control. Anna’s seizures are not controlled. She has 2-5 every day, sometimes more, especially when the barometric pressure changes.


Anna attends an adult day care, and I’m involved with parties and crafts and other activities, so I’ve gotten to know the kids and several of the moms. People with special needs are everywhere, so why don’t we see more in stories? I’m not sure. But for me, it’s as natural as breathing to include characters with special needs in my writing. Woodside will not be the only character with a special need. We’ll meet Bart, the troll under the bridge who has Tourette Syndrome, and a few more I’m working on. And Willoughby makes friends with them all.

Willoughby is all about friendship. Showing kindness to creatures different from himself. Kids like to imitate characters they enjoy, so my goal with Willoughby is to give them a fun character they can be like, enjoying his adventures, and making the world around them a friendlier place!

My illustrator is my best friend, Kim Sponaugle. We work together on all Willoughby’s stories. For Batty, Kim realized the illustrations were a bit dark since bats are nocturnal. She wondered how she could lighten them up, aside from the moon, stars, and fireflies. She came up with bio-luminescent mushrooms, so we did some research, and besides Kim adding them to many of the illustrations, I also wrote up some information about bioluminescent things and added it to the back of the book. This was our unplanned first step into STEM. We’re hoping school/library visits will come out of it, and we’re looking forward to doing more fun things that include other STEM information in a story kids will enjoy reading over and over.



*Extra prize! Leave a comment and let us know if you loved or hated science to be entered into a drawing for a Grow Your Own Glowing Mushrooms kit! (This drawing is not part of the final prizes for the Scavenger Hunt – it’s Willoughby’s personal prize and will be closed on 9/15 at midnight EST)

**As an added bonus, come back here tomorrow and Sunday for additional posts and prizes (not part of the Scavenger Hunt)!