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Tales From the Forest
An anthology based on Little Red Ridinghood

We all know the story of the little girl in a red cloak and hood, going through the forest to visit her grandmother, who meets up with a wolf

Or do we really know the story? Could it be all wrong? A coverup? Is the wolf an innocent victim, slandered by bad PR? Was the grandmother the villain? Or the woodsman? Or Red Riding Hood herself?

These twelve stories take the familiar and twist it around, inside out and upside down. The settings vary from fairytale to the modern world, from a peasant village to a college campus, from a high school drama to a Southern town with strange goings-on. They feature spies and shapeshifters and greedy relatives, bullies and lawyers and private investigators. You'll laugh, you'll shiver, you'll boo and cheer -- maybe both at the same time.

Settle in and hold on tight, because these definitely aren't your granny's fairytales...