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Whitstead Harvestide
A speculative anthology set in 1845

Whitstead, Harvest 1845

Darkness threatens Whitstead as autumn comes. Evil forces are on the move against the town as a whole, but also individual hearts and minds. As Halloween approaches, the veil between worlds thins and demons, vampires, dangerous fae, and madmen are not the only threat—spirits and ghosts loom as well.

Love is lost and won. An exiled heir seeks help from dragons. An ancient guardian faces invading peril. Aliens seek lost equipment. A lady helps a ghost find peace. A mother searches for her lost daughter. A fawn faces defeat and a terrible quest. A faerie queen visits an old friend. And a cowardly boy must learn the power of faith and hope.

Sacrifice and redemption. The value of children. Injustice confronted. Loss and despair. The light of hope. Peace despite adversity as bounty and wonder touch Whitstead.

Thirty stories of adventure, humor, loneliness and family, myth and legend. From authors David Wayne Landrum, Laura Nelson Selinsky, Beka Gremikova, Pam Halter, Dana Bell, Lauren Salisbury, Melinda K. Busch, and many more.

From Abigail Falanga and Sarah Falanga, editors of the best-selling Whitstead Christmastide – a Speculative Anthology.