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Whitstead Christmastide
A speculative anthology set in 1844

Whitstead, December 1844

There has always been something a little otherworldly about the village of Whitstead; there are thin places, where the ordinary world touches on the realms of fairies, ghosts, and darkness. And this year, during the holy season of Christmas, various forces—dragons, demons, fae, dreams, and snow—act on the denizens of the town.

A dryad is on a mission to free something trapped in a mirror. A little girl prays for a Christmas pudding. A blind peddler sings in the town square. A gnome prepares for the mission of a lifetime. An alien spaceship crash-lands in the snow… And angels are on the move.

Charity and family love, healing and new purpose, visions and song, all awaken in the season celebrating the Greatest Gift.

Twenty-five stories of love and loss, adventure and homecoming, myth and legend, the chill of snow and the warmth of the Christmas fire. From authors David Wayne Landrum, Steve Rzasa, Mary Schlegel, Lauren Salisbury, Laura Nelson Selinsky, and many others.