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I had a BLAST at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference last week. My favorite part was working with the Teens on writing fantasy. I’m always amazed at the creativity and talent kids have. And they’re so funny!  Gosh, I miss them.




I’m pleased to announce I’m now on the blogging team for Write2Ignite, a group of Christian authors who write for children from birth to teens. I’ll be blogging once a month on the 3rd Thursday. My first blog post was May 16th! 


My YA fantasy novel, Fairyeater, is out of print. I still have copies available at home, so if anyone is interested in a signed copy for only $15, please contact me. Once these copies are gone, I won’t have any more.


*whispers* I’ll be re-leasing it on Kindle the end of summer or early fall. Look for the NEW cover reveal soon!








IMPORTANT Willoughby News

Willoughby’s publisher and my dear sister in Christ, Candy Abbott, passed away from cancer on Jan. 15, 2023. Fruitbearer Publishing has been disbanded, so you won’t be able to order Willoughby books from Fruitbearer or me. You may be able to still get them from third party sellers on Amazon or Alibris.

Kim & I haven’t decided the next step for Willoughby, but I’ll be sure to let you know!







                                                                                     Willoughby’s COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK is still available!






Coloring books are available for $5.00, ONLY THROUGH ME – if you want to order any, please contact me (at the bottom of the page) through this website. Thanks! 

Every coloring book purchase includes a box of crayons.




All the anthologies I’m in can be purchased on Amazon!  Woot! It would be a great help if you would please go to Amazon and type in the title and hit search. Then put it on your Wishlist. This doesn’t cost a thing and will give the books a boost in the search engines!  This goes for ALL books. If you want to help out an author, don’t click on a link. Go to Amazon and follow the instructions above. 


All authors need book reviews, so please leave a review on Amazon. It can be as simple as “I liked it” or more indepth. The best reviews tell why you liked or didn’t like the story, so please keep that in mind when you write a review. Please don’t leave a bad review because you received a copy with bent pages or if it was delivered late. Reviews are about how you liked or did not like the STORY.  

If you need specific help, there’s a great list on this blog post: 




Here’s the link for my interview with Family Fiction Magazine about Willoughby!




Kim and I love talking about books, writing and illustrating. If you would like to have us come to your church, group, school, or library, please contact me through this website. We are also available for workshops for children, teens, and adults.


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