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WOO HOO!!  Willoughby and the Lumpy Bumpy Cake won THREE Purple Dragonfly Awards this year!!  

FIRST PLACE for Best Illustrations
SECOND PLACE for Best Picture Book ages 5 and under

HONORABLE MENTION for Best Picture Book ages 6 and up





                                                                         Willoughby Goes A Wee Bit Batty is Willoughby’s newest story. 




Kim & I really love this story as we’ve introduced our first special needs character, Woodside the bat, who has damaged radar. This makes him partically blind, and he crashes into things and gets hurt. One night he crashes into Willoughby’s back scratching tree, and Willoughby has to decide if he wants to take this stranger into his cave and risk him finding out about his treasure trove. What will Willoughby do?

We have an added STEM feature in the back of the book about biolumiscent creatures and plants!



Willoughby also has an ANNOUNCEMENT. He’s going to learn about writing picture books! Since he’s a newbie, he’s first going to read lots of picture books and write a review for each of them. He’s super excited!!




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